Comprezon Applicator

Comprezon Applicator


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One of the major problems experienced in the use of medical stockings, and hence patient compliance, is getting them on and off. The stronger the stocking, the more difficult to manage. Comprezon Stockings Applicator easily assist the patients in putting on compression stockings

Advantages and Benefits of Using Comprezon Stockings Applicator
• Provide an effective solution for donning and removing medical stockings
• Completely portable, and easy to carry from place to place
• Reduction of physical strain for both caregiver and the stocking wearer
• The wide frame will hold the stocking sufficiently open to allow the foot to be inserted
• Increase the independence of the stocking wearer, and in therapy compliance
• Stockings retain their therapeutic compression longer
• This product is ideal for patients with arthritis and limited bending motion

Application Procedure:

  1. Insert the stocking on to the applicator with the toe of the stocking facing forward. Then turn the upper border inside out and slide it down the applicator till the heel appears at the edge
  2. Slip your foot, toes first, into the toe part of the stocking
  3. By pulling up the applicator slide the stockings up towards the knee
  4. Remove the applicator. After the fitting, be sure the heel of the stocking is properly placed on your foot.
  5. Smooth out any wrinkles by stroking with the palm of your hands.

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