NewMom Disposable Maternity Pad Maxi- Pack of 5


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A new mother experiences profuse blood loss after child birth. With the added discomfort of episiotomy or c-section stitches, any inferior quality ordinary pads will make a woman’s mind preoccupied with tension and discomfort when her mind and energy has to be given for her baby.

The constant efforts needed to change the pad frequently, cleaning of clothes caused due to rewetting are all hurdles in her way to ensuring good health and hygiene.

NewMom Maternity Pads offer ideal solution for all these problems.



Contains Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) which converts the liquid into gel thereby ensuring maximum absorbency for profuse blood loss
The high SAP content when compared to ordinary pads is specially given to prevent rewetting and leakage thereby offering a dry perineal area
Soft, thin and comfortable pads give no allergies and rashes
Extra long, extra soft, breathable pads offer total hygiene and security
Elastic side ways prevent the chances of leakage
Last for long hours without developing unpleasant smell


StyleOrdinary Sanitary PadsMAXI PAD (For the first 3 days after delivery)MEDI PAD(From the 4th day onwards)
Absorbency Capacity (Approx.)60 ml450 ml850 ml

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