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Legs are prone to swelling during long journeys due to sitting in the same position for a very long time, the result is tired, aching and swollen legs. The major victims are frequent travellers who spent 2-3 hours daily in a flight, bus, car or train. This may also result in a condition where blood pools in the feet and forms a clot. The clot can travel to the heart or lungs and even can cause death.One famous incident was when Steve Waugh was flying from Australia to England for the 1997 Ashes series. At the end of the 16 hour flight, he was diagnosed with DVT and had a miraculous escape.

  • Vibrox Flight Socks are specially designed to provide a massaging action to the calf muscles. This stimulates blood flow back to the heart even when your feet are stationary.
  • The people who are at higher risk of DVT includes those who are confined to bed, stand or sit for a very long time for their work, obese people etc
  • The key to Vibrox Socks is “graduated pressure” where the socks provide a high pressure at the ankle and low pressure at the calf. This is possible only with sophisticated German machinery and imported yarn. Unlike cheap lookalikes, Vibrox socks retains its pressure gradient over many months of use.
  • Vibrox Flight Socks are ideal for people who are frequently flying long distances. They are also useful to people who make long bus journeys where you are immobile for many hours.


  • Reduces leg swelling, pain and discomfort
  • Ideal for flight and long journeys

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