Progaiit Silver Socks


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  • Excellent option for diabetic patients to reduce the risk of injury caused by walking bare foot at home
  • Well padded and double cushioned cotton at the feet gives a cushioning effect, absorbs sweat and provides warmth
  • 99.9% pure silver + AEROMAX cotton for protection and comfort
  • Silver kills 99.9% infection causing bacteria within an hour
  • The AgFAB(Silver fibre) Technology makes the socks anti-odour and anti-itch


Silver Protection for Diabetic Feet

  • Entire plantar region with the digits is made of 99.9% pure silver filament which protects the feet from ulcers and blisters
  • Kills 99.9% infection causing bacteria within an hour
  • The silver fibre in Progaiit Socks destroys odour causing bacteria that usually thrive within ordinary socks
  • Conducts heat and maintains an even foot temperature
  • The special properties of the material will not wash off or wear off
  • Helps maintain better foot health and hygiene
  • Promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling
  • Resists abrasion


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Available Colour: Black

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