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Progaiit Diabetic Socks- INDOOR


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In sensory loss patients who go barefoot at home, there is a high risk of acute injures, such as those caused by stepping on a sharp object, going undetected due to improper pain perception. The patient cannot sense normal pressure either. Thus friction against bony prominences can cause wounds and due to reduced circulation, these wounds once formed are hard to heal.

Using Progaiit Diabetic Silver Socks Indoor is a proactive step towards minimising the chances of bruising. If worn regularly it forms a safety barrier which would protect your feet from infection causing bacteria all day, every day.


Silver protection for diabetic feet:
Kills 99.9% infection causing bacteria within an hour
The silver fibre in Progaiit Socks destroys odour causing bacteria that usually thrive within ordinary socks
Conducts heat and maintains an even foot temperature
The special properties of the material will not wash off or wear off
Helps maintain better foot health and hygiene
Promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling
Resists abrasion


One size fits most
Colours available: Natural silver, Black, Brown, Grey

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