Wojcikowski death heavily disturbing “Since the beginning of 2017 years had four attempts with the use of motor vehicles: Stockholm, Barcelona and two in London. As indicated by experts. Security, “the use of a motor vehicle (without explosives) to carry out a terrorist attack is relatively easy and difficult to detect,” – says the document. Taken control of the CBA on February 18 at the Institute confirmed PAP spokeswoman Patricia ITME jumper and assured that the unit has been fully cooperating with the controlling officers of the Bureau. He reported that the inspection concerns the taking and implementing decisions regarding the disposal of assets – in selected contracts concluded by the Institute. “In particular, the principles of cooperation with the companies of the Institute EPI LAB Sp. O.o. and ENT SA.

Dr. Eng. Vladimir Strupinski was the first chairman of the board of the company and the sole owner of the other company” – told PAP spokeswoman. On Thursday, in the chair. 11.00 ITME at its headquarters organized a press conference about the future of the grafenu.zobacz: Office must disclose that irregularities detected CBA »dealer detained in the investigation regarding the claims. Reprivatization Warsaw» Also Themistocles Brodowski from the department of Social Communication Office confirmed PAP that control in mid-February Institute department officers took control proceedings CBA. According to the CBA PAP tests, as taken and implemented decisions on the disposal of property ITME – Institute in the years 2011-15 was supposed to contain a lease agreement with commercial companies that are personally connected with employees ITME.

The agreements concerned offices, laboratories and are in their plant, machinery and technological equipment as well as the same apparatus and scientific research. The inspector will check whether the amount of rent was unfavorable for the Institute – probably costs incurred by ITME were disproportionate to the amount of fees earned. Control of the CBA should take three months – until mid-May. According to the Act, the head of the CBA in particularly justified cases, it has the right to extend it by a maximum of six months. Institute of Electronic Materials Technology employs nearly 250 people, is a research and development unit, which would work on the broader materials science, electronics, photonics, nanotechnology.

Work is also underway to find a new generation of materials, including graphene. Dr. Vladimir Strupinski in the media is called “the father of Polish graphene.” For 34 years he worked in ITME. see Lubnauer when asked in an interview whether or not feel bitterness towards platforms, after the part of the former politicians Modern went to the club PO-Coalition of Citizens, said that “it is not fun, where you can be offended, have in himself anger or bitterness.” “I do not have them. We feel responsibility for the state, and there is no place for emotions. Especially the bad” – she said. According to the leader of a coalition of Modern best would be that “very broad, consisting of the Modern, the UED PSL, PO and SLD.” “That you have to build a coalition,” – she added. Asked if he imagines a coalition without the Platform, he noted that “every model of the coalition – even without the PO – you have to consider.” “But no doubt, the best, the optimal coalition would be as broad as possible, that is, with the participation of the four I mentioned groups, in which voters find themselves with different susceptibilities,” – noted Lubnauer.

In her opinion, the strongest platform is currently in the opposition, and it is the greatest responsibility lies. (PAP) Writes the German newspaper, the merits of a complex of four diplomats and two Polish Jewish activists called. Berne Group in saving Jews from extermination in Poland are known for a long time, but abroad almost nothing about them do not know. He added that the existing exposing the role played in this endeavor, the then deputy RP in Switzerland Alexander Lados and attache Julius Kuehl, was primarily the result of the transfer to the Washington Holocaust museum owned by the Polish Jew, Kuehl, documentation, after his death in Miami in 1985. This documentation has long been the most important source of knowledge about the activities of a group of Berne. However, it was during the recent efforts of the Government for Law and Justice in honor of Polish citizens who rescued Jews unveiled in its entirety role in the project falsification of passports Latin American countries, he was Polish consul Constantine Rokicki – we read in the “FAZ”.

This was the result of adopted last year by the Polish Embassy in Switzerland, archival research, were discovered in the course of which the legacy of the deceased in 1943 in Bern Chaim Yisroel Eissa, also belonging to the group of Berne. In August this year. successfully completed led by Poland from 2017 years living in negotiations with Israel heirs Eissa on the purchase of these documents, which are now exhibited at the Polish embassy in Bern and are to be transferred to Auschwitz. They reveal, among other things, that the central role of the “forger” passports, most of Paraguay, played just Rokicki. It also turned out that the Polish government in London not only knew about the secret activities, but in May 1943 telegram to Mr Ladosia recommended that the “humanitarian grounds” it continued. “For the Polish government, such discoveries are a triumph” – writes “FAZ”. He added that the Polish embassy she recently recorded another success when conducted by months together with the Swiss authorities agreed searching, where the cemetery in Lucerne was abolished many years ago, the tomb of the deceased in 1958 Rokicki. This week, President Andrzej Duda unveiled a new array headstone there. “Both in Poland and in Israel, new discoveries about + Group Berne + arouse great interest.

A few surviving Jews, who owes her his rescue, he extends now also demand that (Holocaust History Museum) Yad Vashem (Jerusalem) placed the Polish rescuers + list of the Righteous among the Nations “- informs” FAZ “. (PAP) Health Minister Maciej University pointed out that under the regulation will change, among others, pattern of orders for medical devices. Medical devices issued at the request include. Orthopedic corsetry, wheelchairs, prostheses, anti-bedsore mattresses, glasses and hearing aids spoils. “The purpose of the changes is to improve the patient’s situation. Now the patient to confirm (the order – PAP) must go to a branch of the National Health Fund, and many of them do not have delegations. The patient must therefore sometimes far to go to be able to get a relatively small amount, for example. On glasses “- he said.

Deputy Minister argued that the rules change also introduces a reduction in the number of components necessary to issue an order, which will shorten the time of its preparation. “The order was reduced from seven to four pages. Also clarified when permissions are confirmed” – pointed. The regulation provides for confirmation of entitlement to health care benefits and entitlements for two additional stages of execution of the order, ie. At the time of issue and payforaresearchpaper at the moment of accepting it for execution – instead of, as it is now, at the time of a medical device. Whereas verification of the order will be made only at the stage of its issue. In 2018.

Was executed 4.6 million orders co-financed by the National Health Fund, including 1.6 million one-time orders and 3 million orders monthly, and the budget for the reimbursement of medical products amounted to 1.2 billion zl. (PAP) Author: Catherine Lechowicz-Deal I can be here today with you, to stand before the state, look you straight in the eye and say that we have delivered wywiazalismy words and the commitments that we serve ordinary Poles, citizens, and not inward-looking elite PAP: It takes the rivalry between Rafal Trzaskowski (Civic Coalition) and Patrick What (United Right) for the presidency of the capital. One of the candidates wants to create a future quarter, the second place of modern technology, both declare the construction of new subway lines. How do you relate to these announcements? Stefaniak James: I do not fight nor Trzaskowski, nor What. I fight for the votes of Warsaw. The fact that men occupy more themselves than listen to people who live in Warsaw, it is their problem.

I just hope that it will be noticed, and that will affect the outcome of the election. Today you can see that on this carousel of ideas does not really appear to those on which most depends on the residents of Warsaw. PAP: What are your ideas for Warsaw? See also: Trzaskowski calls for a debate the other candidates for Mayor of Warsaw »What: Warsaw will start to grow evenly. I’m done with the dictates of developers »J. S: I appointed four priorities. Firstly I would like to be free public transport, at the beginning for all students in Warsaw, and then ultimately to all those who pay taxes here.

Another such point that is very important is the issue of integration in Warsaw. From the simplest of things related to the integration and management of traffic and ending with the equalization of the quality of life in the Warsaw housing estates in all districts of Warsaw. Just as there should be no Polish A and B, the same should not be in Warsaw A and B and a good president should go in this direction. Another thing is a system of incentives for the residents of the capital who, for various reasons, decided not to pay taxes here. If we show them that it is worth, they will reap the benefits of this, I think that many people decide to take this step, and this again will allow it to increase the budget of Warsaw. Last assistance to seniors: the introduction of the Charter of the Warsaw Senior, $ 5 for dinners and other perks. PAP: you presented a number of proposals for Warsaw seniors, and what suggestions you have for young people, children, young people or families?

J. S: I think that the very fact that Ms editor noted that I focused on seniors attests to the fact that it is a very important topic and arousing interest. I also I presented proposals during the campaign for young people, for families with children. The first proposal, which was said parking card family in Warsaw, which gives you free car parking, when we move with the child. Proposals for expanding this opportunity to use the bus lanes in the morning during the commutation of the children to school for a family of 3 plus. I suggest also that the city within the capabilities of the PSL to introduce the idea of ??the Republic of local government, or at preferential prices provide land for the construction of houses with eco-house project for young people. Statistically Warsaw is depopulated, so the project could be carried out in cooperation with neighboring municipalities that are adjacent to Warsaw.

My proposals also concern those who graduate Warsaw universities, for example, graduates of universities in the capital, where I suggest the addition of a higher motivation, if they decided to stay here in Warsaw and work as teachers. Another issue is the issue of people with disabilities. I also presented ideas on support for parents, also for institutions which cater for children with disabilities. This is a subject which completely does not work in the public space, and this topic is very important. Certainly an important point program for young people would also be, is to start cooperation with Warsaw sports clubs, as if to encourage our young people, high school students to the fact that general-sports began. PAP candidate for president Marek Jakubiak (kukiz’15) and a candidate Patrick ZP What promise rebuild the Saski Palace. How do you refer to this proposal?

You’re a supporter of restoration of the Saxon Palace? J. S: I think it is not the most important thing. I think that instead of rebuilding palaces, we should focus on the fact that the first 12 to help thousands of Warsaw residents who struggle with the problem of municipal debt. If I had to choose whether to first rebuild the Saski Palace, or carry out a program of abolition of the rental real, it would prefer to help those people who live in communal apartments and have a problem with that, to pay off your debt. PAP: What is your recipe for victory, and you want to convince Warsaw?

See also: What: President of the Council of Warsaw and head of the PO councilors should not stand for election »PO loses majority in the Council of Warsaw. Three councilors from the party leaves »J. S: Hard work. I belong to the people in working life do not get anything for free. Everything I have achieved so far, in terms of my professional life worked out for himself, and as previously I was a journalist, and now in politics, and I’m proud of it. I think that Poles are also those people can appreciate. I do not set myself any limits also do not set myself any challenges.

I know only one thing, that in the current situation, where they are in certain environments tend to, to force the Poles to build such a duopoly – the de facto vote for two parties. I will say this: I will have to work hard twice, or three times more than the two mentioned by Mrs candidates, but did not complain, I did it in no way hurts. I believe that the more you give of yourself that will be better. Service during the WYD will perform approx. 20 thousand. police officers, more than 2.4 thousand. firefighters, 1.5 thousand. Border Guard officers and 800 officers BOR – According to information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, which governs the service.

In Krakow itself will ensure the safety of several thousand police officers; the city will be targeted five police smiglowcow.Te data presented the deputy head of the Ministry of Interior, Sebastian Chwalek in Krakow during an away meeting of the government and the church team. WYD preparation. Chwalek said that the performance of departments will be allocated 76 million zl.W during WYD Pope’s personal protection officers will be the Government Protection Bureau, which is why the head of the BOR is in constant contact with its counterpart in the Vatican – said Interior Minister Law and Justice deputy, when asked by journalists to protect the Pope Francis is famous for the fact that he likes her escape. “We watch over ensuring safety of the holy father, but above all the pilgrims” – assured Blaszczak.Ponad in mid-May BOR officers were at the Vatican, where he tried to learn the habits of Francis; among others They securing passage of the Pope among the faithful gathered in the Piazza San Marco. Peter also took part in exercises with the Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City and the Italian policja.Od July 4 to August 2 will be restored border controls – in turn, reminded the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Border Guard Jacek Bajger. Mobile will run border posts and marked lanes additional checks at road crossings, including eight road crossing with Ukraine, – he said.

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