Jules plus Monty Filming = Accomplish As of 11am last Tuesday (aka Monday, January 17th) the actual cast and crew involving Jules plus Monty (the web range I observed all those weeks ago in thispost) TWISTED principle photographs!!! WAHOOOOO!

To be fair, most people still have about a month involving post-production for you to jump directly into, but generally talking we will now take over our saturdays and sundays back to consider how to end up being students again (ha ha) and will devote our Wednesdays at the TUTV station watching rough designs examples of abstract data types c# until every little thing is finished… insanity.

It was a long weekend— lovingly termed as a ‘party weekend’— through which we shot FOUR DAYS AND NIGHTS in a strip, covering three different assaults. On Ending friday we even had an amazing opportunity to use Dean Coffin, our very own leader of Admissions, who found our established (aka this dorm room) to have a cameo as Juliet’s father, George Caine (a name he / she penned himself)–check out Dean Coffin’s weblog! We returned everywhere right from episode 6 to instance 13 so that you can episode 19 and despite the incredible variety of work we to accomplish, the marvelous forged and folks pushed all the way through to the terminate, celebrating your wrap which includes a trip to Charlie’s, a burger place in Cambridge, for increase Guinness mozerella burgers and vanilla rattles: oh yeah, could how to rejoice in.

Now 2 weeks . matter of cinching up reduce ends: Mary, our manager, has straightened himself at a distance in the editing room to make certain that what you observe on YouTube with March is an efficient representation of the series; Seems working on marketing promotions outlets in addition to talking to singers; Ed is definitely combing with countless hours with Vlog Vlog material, the main backstage vlog; and Emma and Claire, our helper directors, intend our important Wrap Event.

On DRIVE 1st our own trailer, Facebook, and twits will be brought out into the stratosphere, so look out for that will, and then with March 10th Jules plus Monty would be an actual actual life web line and will originel on YouTube with your first a pair of episodes… goodness, it’s most coming alongside one another now.

Numbers, Statistics, and The Enjoyment Things You Can Do With these

Numbers are fun. Quantification is the bottom human way of progress, whether the number of Facebook friends, superstars on Yelp, revenue this particular quarter, stock prices, or perhaps touchdowns secured. Even better, all of us surrounded by databases of phone numbers describing every thing around us. As a particular person with enthymematic tendencies, My partner and i get anxious about doing this with such numbers, decor a computer discipline major, I have to automate which process. At the past hackathons I’ve been to help, when I was not working on my very own official project, I determined I’d aim to interpret a few of these numbers.

The main weekend regarding February is the Tufts Hackathon, which I co-organized with my pal Will. Because of that, I wasted most of the affair moving recliners, feeding folks, passing out swag, and tweeting. Now, I have always spotted a casual connection between the attendance at hackathons and also frequency with tweets we send out. Waiting on a desktop computer all night will be able to inspire someone to broadcast many your 140-character thoughts. As i figured I’d personally formalize this unique theory which has a graph:


Purple cafes are my favorite tweets. Light red bars are generally days I got at hackathons. Suspicions verified.

In fact , often the numbers shouldn’t lie: this average twitter updates and messages per day is certainly 1 . 234; my common tweets per day during hackathons is around eight. 333. This the bit connected with Python computer code that I used to compute ’em.


You can see from the line volumes that this is known as a snippet from your middle associated with my manner. For history, I’ve acquired days, a directory of tweets a day (which I had using the Facebook API), and also hackathons, here are the dates I was at hackathons. I obtain the average of tweets in general by summing up the total number of twitting and separating by the length of time, and the typical hackathon twitter posts by adding right up tweets everyday for each morning I was on a hackathon, and also dividing from the number of days Being at hackathons.


Then, at PennApps, I was playing around with the Spoiled Tomatoes API and pets or animals, and I motivated the following results:

  • Movies regarding cats and flicks about dogs are likewise well liked (average audience review of 62%)

  • Movies concerning cats that will mention dogs do 23% worse than those patients that have a tendency mention pups.

  • Movies pertaining to dogs of which mention kittens and cats do ony 16% a whole lot worse than most of their counterparts of which don’t refer to dogs.

  • Chicken breast movies perform nearly two times as well after they mention from the description potentially they are about hen chickens.

If you think this is often ridiculous / made up, view code. My spouse and i included guidelines on how to manage it your self, so give it a try and see what we think!

Do you think my statements are completely false? Am I misinterpreting the particular? Want to hear about the top sketchy elements I did from the Twitter challenge that made me too to humiliated to put the full codebase on line (Hint: check out the units within the x-axis)? Depart a say or twitter at us!

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