We gave a talk on Halide at CppCon 2020 that serves as a good overview of what the language is all about. To get started writing code, look through the tutorials, and the example apps. The tests are small self-contained programs that cover all corners of the language, how to make a cryptocurrency exchange so they can also be instructive. However they’re not designed to teach, so you may find them cryptic. If you would prefer to build Halide from source, see README for instructions. Rather than being a standalone programming language, Halide is embedded in C++.

It describes the philosophy of Halide, and the ideas behind the scheduling model. These academic publications describe the ideas behind Halide and its scheduling model. Halide syntax remote software development changes over time, so don’t rely on them for correct syntax. To go deeper, here’s how an expert actually uses Halide, scheduling the same algorithm described in the talk above.