In 2014, while serving as the maid of honor at a wedding, she allegedly stole the bride-to-be’s purse, which consisted of a wedding ring and $1,000 in honeymoon cash. On the show, she was a burgeoning teen pop star who wore an elaborate butterfly dress to her birthday party. However, it looks like her musical dreams never came to fruition since her official site for her music is now down and her Twitter hasn’t been updated since 2016.

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Similar free apps available from ZaleBox are Wedding Decorations Ideas, Wedding Bouquet Ideas and Wedding Centerpiece Ideas. When looking for inspiration for your big day, it’s hard to find a better free app thanPinterest. With an endless supply of ideas, a bride-to-be will have no trouble finding unique ways to make her day special.

Guidebook’s algorithm pulls important information, admin and user submitted content, and all sorts of photos and sharing into one place. Even cooler, Interact surfaces guide information that’s relevant to the individual user here, ensuring your friends and family won’t have to look hard to find exactly what they’re looking for. Less time spent being confused, more time sharing photos and stories.

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It was a dream with the details, engagement of the wedding party and the venue was to die for. Having the option to wear different wedding bands for different occasions was key for the couple, too. Windsor’s oval engagement ring (which became so popular, Ring Concierge has dubbed it the “Devon”) features a “floating design with three rows of diamonds on all sides of the band. So it was important that the bands didn’t compete with it when worn at the same time.

  • This works because KaLeigh offers a single contract for all her packages with terms that do not vary and are not up for negotiation.
  • If we are to choose amongst these apps, we would highly recommend LadyMarry and Bridestory.
  • A kiss is just a kiss until you find the one you love.
  • Most certainly you remember all the important and big stuff that needs to be sorted like a wedding venue, dresses, suits, rings, etc.
  • This is the day Download Model Wedding APK for Android, month, and year that you and the client agree to begin working on the project.