It is not surprising, as people tend to be entertained by wildly different things. The true scope of this variety can be overwhelming, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular categories of mobile applications and what makes them so different.

These apps redirect a user to URL and offer “install” option by simply creating a bookmark to their page. These types of apps were created for the sole purpose of providing entertainment to its users and for also earning revenue from it. I was in the impression that the Lifestyle category will be ranking in the top three popular app categories and I am pretty sure many other people also think the same. As lifestyle is known to be the most extensive category in both of the app stores by covering almost every human interest and other activities. The category of gaming applications is the most popular category with a whopping 24.43% share in the app stores.

Hiding Iphone App Pages

Roughly 37% of millennials list data usage as a key factor when deciding if they like a mobile app. Only 66% of smartphone users have game apps on their phones.

The mobile devices’ DNS server used during the initial connection to the Endpoint Management server is what determines the distribution point. Adding apps downloaded from the Google Play store as enterprise apps is not supported. Add apps from the Google Play store as public app store apps instead. The following device policies are required apps categories to support single sign-on to native SSO apps. Be sure to assign each policy to at least one delivery group. You can add free or paid apps to Endpoint Management that are available in a public app store, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. In the App category list, apply the new category by selecting the category check box.

Types Of Mobile Apps: How To Choose Just One

It makes the process of app development faster and cheaper. The updated version of the app will be available for users only when application stores approve the updated version of your app. Access and interaction with the great number of the device features. Native apps can be distributed through application stores like Google Play or App Store where it is easy for users to find them and download. And before diving into the development stage, it is a good idea to understand and sort out all the apps categories. Many other apps allow you to share a product, high score, or news item with your social network.

Social media apps have to be fun, fast, and continually integrating the expanding features of the social networks they support. Such apps are highly engaging and with fun and interactive elements featured in these apps, the overall experience is too refreshing for the users. Learn how to choose the most accurate and effective categories for your app. You may be familiar with the Amazon Kindle e-reader, but there’s also a kindle app for users that don’t have actual hardware itself. This way, more people can download a book from the store and read it on their own device, significantly widening the service’s customer base.

Categories Of Apps

The easiest way to do it is to tap the “Category” button within “Apps”. The stores will also ask you to define a category of your app. There are numerous categories in both app stores – Google Play and Apple App Store. One programmer can build an app that users will be able to use on various devices.

It isn’t exactly a big surprise because a majority of the audience is now into gaming more than ever; this includes both and girls. The web application one of the main types of apps which has a mandatory requirement of device memory.


These are the software apps that showcase similar behavior to native apps. They can be easily distributed to the app stores because software like React and Iconic offers frameworks which can be used to make a webpage scenario like in the native type. If you’re looking for something to make you laugh or to help you productively spend your free time, applications from this category are what you’re looking for. This category is very broad and can contain educational apps, video streaming services, and silly prank apps alike.

Social media apps give users the opportunity to connect with people inside or outside their social circles. For the most part, social media apps are universal and have a very diverse user base. These apps are used to share live video, post images, facilitate conversations, and more. Social media apps have quickly become part of our everyday lives. So you’ve settled the web apps vs mobile apps debate, and decided that a mobile application is the way to go. The App Library lives at the end of your last iPhone app page.

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Also interesting to note is that all the apps in the top 5 are social or communication apps. This aligns with findings about the most popular app categories . Most users have more than 10 apps installed on their phones. apps categories At the core of the CDN service, servers are linked together with the goal of delivering enterprise apps faster. That goal is achieved by placing the apps securely on different distribution points worldwide.

  • This is a little hard to believe, considering how often users seem to log into Facebook, Instagram, their texting apps, and even email, on a daily basis.
  • The gap between mobile app usage and mobile browser usage is also widening.
  • We’d expect to see the social and communications app category somewhere on this chart, and since it’s not, it’s hard to fully understand this data.
  • Smartphone users spend 50% of their mobile app time in social and communications apps.

They make it easy for their users to share something they feel passionate about without having devops organization structure to leave the app. Naturally, we want to have the ease of access a mobile app provides.

Categories At Mulitple Levels

While deciding on the category, Apple recommends keeping in mind your app’s purpose while choosing the category. Understanding your users, the way they look for apps and where they do it is also important. If you have doubts about the best category for your app, browse through types of apps within specific categories and see which products are present there.

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