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24Jun 2021

The figure below shows a typical OCA workload that includes stored content on HDDs and SSDs and content stored in RAM for fast response. When I see those packages, I think of the (elasticated?) cargo nets that are found in back of minivans and SUVs. In order to avoid the jumble, one would have to […]

14Jun 2021

Test the transistors if it is that type with an ohmmeter. The usual way a TV service person would test for startup problems is to inject a signal to the base of the HOT of about 15.75 KHz. If the TV then starts and runs once this signal is removed, the diagnosis is confirmed. This […]

10Jun 2021

For our favorite monitor in terms of Toshiba manuals pdf function and value, the Dell SE2719HR is the best monitor on our list. We’ve tested them all, measuring everything from the color gamut and brightness to response times, so we can be confident when we tell you that one display is better than another. Users […]