Take full control over meta-tags, ratings, and even lyrics of your favorite songs. Tenorshare’s software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. Since here listed the best 6 iPod music manager, just select the desired one according to your need. iTunes Music Cleanup offers an easy and efficient solution for users who need to get rid of duplicate music in iTunes and add detailed info to albums, making iPod library clean, tidy and well-organized. It could easily scan and import music saved in iTunes and iPod local folder. You can easily add missing information like artists, track names, lyrics, genre, etc. to albums for iTunes music and iPod music. YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X and Windows.

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Arthur Dent February 8, 2020 Everyone claims it was getting hard to use, but it was still easier to learn than something like iMovie. I thought the app was fine, maybe a bit bloated and slow, but every so often Apple would give it a tune-up and then it would purr like a kitten again for a couple more years.

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If now comes out an iPod music manager instead of iTunes, it could be the life saver for you. All to be good, to help you be free from iPod music manage issue, the post will recommend the top 6 iPod music manager for Windows/Mac OS for your reference. Then you can get rid of the complicated free files downloads iTunes and avoid erasing music by iTunes sync. Here are the better iTunes alternative for you to run iPod music without iTunes restriction. Streaming made up 75% of the music industry’s revenue last year.

When Apple released an updated version of its MacOS operating system, it marked the end of the iTunes era. But even though iTunes is shutting down, your collections won’t disappear. CopyTrans Manager is renowned as a secure and stable application that is, like all other CopyTrans programs, free from ad, spy or malware. The latest version of CopyTrans Manager is compatible with Apple Music! You can now create playlists out of your Apple Music tracks directly from your computer. Edit track titles, music genre, album titles and artworks in just a few clicks.

Yea, they have issues also, however, their software such as Excell, Word, etc. works better with more ways to accomplish a task easily. If you don’t load down a PC with a ton of software, They work just fine and better with more options. Roy Spann February 17, 2020 I have bought many singular compositions by searching the iTunes store.I don’t want the whole album simply to buy one song or composition.

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They’d get something right but then switch it up in the next iteration. Still, iTunes offered a central hub to the content the company offered. Now, with the release of Catalina, users will have to listen to music in Music, watch videos in TV, and listen to podcasts in Podcasts.

It can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation. When you want to manage your iPod music but unexpectedly stuck in such condition above, you may disappoint vastly.

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