Just remember to unplug the USB key when you shut down the computer and carry it with you, or else your attackers will gain access to all your files. The files you save in Documents, Pictures and Videos are private. In event of a hacker attack, she will explore those folders in depth.

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Or he could remove your hard drive and put it into another PC as a secondary drive and get data off that way. Either way, Window’s password security will be of no use, because the hard drive’s copy of Windows was never started. There is a new version of Edge based on the open source Chromium browser.

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Plus, it still contains Edge features like SmartScreen. Go try here google for Chromium Edge and you will find the download. MS decided that it is too much work for programmers to maintain different web code for all the different browsers and decided to adapt the Chromium browsr. Plus, Edge now has access to all the extensions made for Chrome.

File History saves your documents, pictures, music, contacts and IE favorites every hour to a removable drive . It does it every hour by default and keeps versions of the files as they change. This is a very convenient method of performing backups and should be used.

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After configuration, the command line administrative tools can only be accessed from a full admin account using an elevated command prompt. Also, only the full admin account has take ownership right. Right click on the BAT file and choose Run as Admin. When we analyse our security posture, the weakest point of defense is when we are using our admin account. Sometimes, a program installer needs Software Restriction Policy turned off; because it writes to and then executes a temporary exe from within the temp folder. And we must use the admin account to install software.

  • Many Windows files and Registry settings are shared by more than one program.
  • The challenge in fully removing a Windows desktop application lies in finding the right balance.
  • The trick is to remove any leftover files and settings for the program you’re uninstalling without disabling another program that may still rely on those items.

Again, don’t put those files in an account you surf with. In the Configuration Pack, the Dual Admin BAT creates an installation admin and restricts it from running admin command line tools, and administration GUI apps. In addition, it removes oridnary user accounts from accessing admin command line tools.